Crosswinds Farm is committed to producing quality miniatures with potential for outstanding show careers and breeding.  We are particularly interested in helping people get started in showing and breeding, and with every sale comes an understanding that we are willing to share our knowledge and experience with buyers of Crosswinds horses.  We invite international buyers to consider these horses and to be assured that they are sound and healthy. 

These prices are more than reasonable for horses with these pedigrees and quality. Crosswinds offers a 10% discount for buyers committed to showing these horses in the current year or the next year after they are purchased.  Also, we will pay AMHA fees to transfer registration for sales made to international buyers who are current AMHA members.  All reasonable offers will be respectfully considered, and payment plans or trades are negotiable.

Featured Offerings


Little Kings 
All Fired Up Buck 
Uno Bacchante
DOB 3-8-10


With a DOB in 2010, this double registered (AMHA and AMHR) 33" mare is already becoming an outstanding performance horse in hunter, jumper, and country pleasure driving.  Out of Uno Bacchante and by Little Kings All Fired Up Buck (which makes her a granddaughter of Boones Little Buckeroo on the top side and Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo on the bottom side), she has an awesome pedigree. In addition to this pedigree, she has an outstanding composition and attitude, and she loves to compete.  In some really tough competition at the 2013 AMHR National Show and with this being her first year in performance competition, she placed third in Adult Jumper, being beaten out of Grand Champion by 0.6 second.  In driving, she won at a number of shows and finished in second place on the AMHR All Star list for Open Country Pleasure Driving, Under in Area V. This gal is a beauty; and with her athletic ability, she will win a lot of championships for Crosswinds Farm or a new owner.  Then just think of what she will produce as a brood mare after her showing days are over.  Since we already have two country pleasure horses, we reluctantly offer her for your consideration.  She comes with professional training and is a real steal at $3,500.

Windemeres Buckeroo Regal Heir x Crosswinds Xclusive Silver Bell
DOB 4-19-08


Beautiful is the word we often hear from those who see this outstanding little (30") stallion by “Reggie,” a 2008 AMHA Honor Roll Champion.  In 2011 AMHA shows, Stormy placed 1st under 16 judges and 2nd under 4 judges as a Senior Stallion. He has a short back, strong hip, straight and well placed legs, with a dished head on a neck that smoothly extends from his shoulders. His movement, color, and attitude set off this little stallion from the rest. As a sire, he will downsize your foals and continue the incomparable Buckeroo bloodline. This is a well mannered little stallion that is easy to handle and interacts very well with other horses.  Reduced selling price–$1,000.

Windemeres Buckeroo Regal Heir x Hallmarks Sugar Bar
DOB 7-3-08

(Little Bit)

 < International Buyers--Take Note >
Tiny, refined, great conformation, animated motion, Buckeroo breeding, gleaming black, and beautiful–what more could you want?  Her barn name is Little Bit, and she is a favorite of all who see her.  Her long, thin neck, clean throat latch, long strong hip, level croup, and beautiful headset just complement this little 29" mare who is one of Reggie’s first crop of foals.  Show her or breed her–tough decision, but either will produce great results!  Price reduced to sell–$2,000.


Crosswinds Irish Withatwist x Crosswinds Xclusive Silver Bell
DOB 4-20-11


“A super black and white pinto that comes along once in a lifetime” is how Allie has been described by an observer.  This gal has a long thin neck, a well proportioned body, and is showing some extraordinary athletic qualities.  Her beautiful coloration is almost the same on both sides and with those pretty blue eyes, she is a beauty.  She has been shown in multi-color classes and has won or been in the top two or three in every case, including the AMHA Central Championship Show.  This horse could very well be an outstanding performance horse in color, hunter, and jumper.  She loves to show and is a favorite around the barn.  Unless sold, she will be on the Crosswinds show string.  Asking price--$2,500. 


Crosswinds Irish Withatwist x Crosswinds IMA Buckeroo Babe
DOB 3-27-12

(Miss Kitty)

Miss Kitty is looking for a home with a Marshall Dillon type.  She is a refined, 30", well-marked bay pinto by Twister, whose grandsire is “Hawk,” and out of Babe, whose grandsires are of Buckeroo, General Patton, and Mitasunke Huka bloodlines.  This is an outstanding little mare with an impeccable pedigree.  She would make a great show horse for youth or amateurs in halter and multi-color classes.  She has looks, spunk, conformation, and breeding.  A real steal at an asking price of $1,000.

Crosswinds Irish Withatwist x MCCS Lover Boys Angel
DOB 9-2-11


We selected this nice chestnut to be our young show gelding soon after he foaled, and he began his show career in 2013.  Shown only twice in 2013, under all judges he won the AOTE Junior Gelding class at the Red River Shootout and the Two Year Old Gelding Class, 33" and under, and the AOTE Junior Gelding classes at the Stillwater Stampede.  He also was Reserve Champion Amateur Gelding at the Red River Shootout.  Tas has a good clean neck, straight top line, and is correct in every way.  This guy has good potential as a halter show horse and possibly a Classic/Western Pleasure Driving Horse.  He is easy to handle and has a striking appearance.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get a very nice gelding for your future show horse.  Asking price--$750.

Additional Offerings


Reeces Irish Hawk x 
WF Sultans Wild Rose
DOB 3-31-06


 A son of Reeces Irish Hawk and a grandson of “Hawk,” the well known and World Champion stallion standing at Reeces Family Farm before his death in 2009, and out of a General Patton bred mare, Lucky stands out with his brilliant rich chestnut coloration and white blaze.  Beautiful coloration, attitude, short back, long neck, well set tail, and his uprightness set off this 32" stallion.  Disposition, size, and breeding make him a great prospect for the recently implemented AMHA Classic Pleasure Driving class.  His sire, Irish, was the 2008 AMHR Western Country Pleasure Driving Reserve National Champion.  Love to keep him at Crosswinds for show and breeding, but we have too many stallions (or too few mares) and must sacrifice this outstanding prospect.  Reduced to sell at $1,000.

Reeces Irish Hawk x 
Maxwells Sweet Magnolia
DOB 6-16-07


Want color and a perfect gentleman?  Then you have to consider this eye-catching loud overo pinto, blue-eyed young stallion.  Showing all of those good traits of the “Hawk” line of breeding and color to boot, he has considerable show and breeding prospects.  True horse conformation, a short back, and level and strong topline set off this 32" stallion.  We think enough of him that we bred him to his first mare as a two-year-old, just to see what we would get–and oh boy did we get color!  His sire, “Irish,” was a leading stallion at Crosswinds Farm and Los Arboles Farm (owned by Polly and Alex Weisberg), and Twister can carry on that outstanding line of breeding and with a different “twist” of color.  Selling price–$2,000.


WeeOkies Ima QP Xclusive x 
H A Casanovas Dance of Passion
DOB 5-7-08


Her name reflects what you see–definitely cool with her loud pinto coloration, very attractive, clean, long neck, beautiful headset, wide set eyes, and level topline.  Her full brother “Bubba” was an outstanding show horse for Crosswinds.  Already showing solid performances in liberty and in color classes, we think she has the physical attributes and disposition to be an outstanding all-around performance horse, with initial training already begun.  At 33" and with a willing attitude, showy gaits, conformation and correctness, she is an eyecatcher now and provides tremendous potential as a show horse and as a producer of color in your breeding program.  SOLD


Windemeres Buckeroo Regal Heir x Hallmarks Honey Lace
DOB 7-19-08


Beautiful, upright, pinto, 31" stallion by our 28" award winning herd sire (Reggie).  Good leg action, fantastic poll flex, and one of the most friendly, easy-to-handle horses that you can find.  Born in 2008, he is ready to begin a breeding career and/or become a worthy show horse in halter, color, and performance classes.  His dam produced an AMHR National driving champion (Missy), and his sire was the 2008 AMHA Amateur Senior Stallion Honor Roll Champion.  Breeding, conformation, color, and a fantastic disposition, you can't go wrong with this very nice horse.  SOLD

Select Broodmares
For Sale

We have decided to downsize our miniature horse breeding program and focus more on a small show string.  As a result, you have an opportunity to buy outstanding and proven broodmares. We are not holding any back, so you have a choice of the entire band of mares. Shown below (on the left-hand side) are pictures of two examples of what is available at very reasonable prices.  On the right-hand side is a picture of one of the offspring of that mare.  If a selected mare is not in foal at the time of sale, a free breeding to any of our stallions for a next year foal will be offered.  Descriptions of other mares are also included, and pictures and additional information can be provided on request. 

Let us help you enhance your breeding program immediately with proven mares with well-known and respected pedigrees.

 WeeOkies Celestial Storm

Sorrel pinto, DOB 5-18-98, 32.5", AMHA and AMHR, Bond ATOY4UC granddaughter, Hartins Toy Tornado x Sallees Aprils Eve. 

Celeste is a very correct mare that has consistently produced outstanding foals.  Asking price for Celeste–$1,500.

Hallmarks Honey Lace

Sorrel pinto, DOB 6-4-00, 33.5", AMHA and AMHR, Buckeroo granddaughter, Little Kings Phantom Buckeroo x Freedom Hill Farms Silk N Satin. 

This is a beautiful and correct mare with fantastic pedigree, top and bottom.  Very productive, including a great halter and driving horse (Crosswinds IMA Sweet Success Miss).  Her 2013 foal is an outstanding show prospect.  Asking price for Lacey–$2,000.

Other mares for your consideration are listed below.
(Please contact us for pictures and/or additional information.)

Crosswinds IMA Buckeroo Babe, bay, DOB 4-17-04, 30 ½”, AMHA, Buckeroo granddaughter and General Patton great granddaughter.  This is the sweetest little mare that you could ever find and could easily be used in a therapy program.  She has produced two fillies and a colt, and all have been very nice horses.  They inherited their dam’s very gentle disposition, and she has been an easy breeder and foaled without any problems at all.  Great pedigree and being bred to Twister with lots of color expected in the 2012 foal. SOLD

MCCS Lover Boys Angel, sorrel, DOB 5-8-98, 31.5", AMHA and AMHR, NFCS Sugar Boy granddaughter, NFC Sugars Lover Boy x Petites Little Sarah.  Very productive mare and the dam of some of Crosswinds top show horses, including Crosswinds Xclusive Thundersurprise, Crosswinds Xclusive Go Girl, and a good-looking young gelding on our 2013 show string, Crosswinds Twist and Shout.  You can’t go wrong with this proven mare.  She will give you a nice foal every time.  SOLD

Falcon Ridge Angelic Krystal, red roan, DOB 9-3-06, 33", AMHA and AMHR.  Out of an Egyptian King mare and by Falcon Ridge Charlies Native Son, this mare was bought as a show mare from Toni Reece and Danielle Hill in 2007 and did very well as a junior and senior mare in halter and solid color classes.  She was the SWMHC High Point solid color and two-year-old mare in 2008 and the OMHCI High Point Amateur Senior Mare, Level 2 in 2009.  She has a short body, beautiful head, and is correct in every way and could be shown today.  SOLD

Maxwells Sweet Magnolia, grey pinto, DOB 5-10-96, 30.5“, AMHA and AMHR.  This mare is a machine as a broodmare, with nine foals (five fillies and four colts) for us, including some very, very nice horses with striking pinto patterns.  Examples of her foals are Crosswinds Irish Withatwist, one of our reference stallions, and Crosswinds Xclusive Silver Bell, a beautiful black and white pinto.  Maggie’s 2013 foal is a really good looking colt and show prospect.  SOLD.

WF Sultans Wild Rose, silver dapple, DOB 4-8-00, 31.5”, AMHA and AMHR.  Her grandsire on the top side is Glenns General Patton and Mitasunke Huka on the bottom side.  Rose has produced six foals for us, including Crosswinds IMA Buckeroo Babe and Crosswinds Irish Luck (see listing above).  She is an easy foaler and a good mother.  This is a great broodmare with an outstanding and maybe a bit unusual pedigree.  Her 2013 foal, Crosswinds Xclusive 
Zephyr, is a beauty and shows evidence of driving qualities.  Sold to a new miniature family, we hope to see Zephyr in the show ring in the future.  SOLD

Crosswinds Xclusive Spice Girl, bay, DOB 5-23-01, 30.75" AMHA and AMHR.  Spice was our first show horse by XC, and we could not have been more proud of her.  She was shown from 2002-2005, winning many first places and grand championships at local shows and Top Ten at the AMHA World Show.  Bred and producing foals in 2007, 2009, and 2010, this is a proven show horse now producing quality foals.  Asking price for Spice–$1,500.


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