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Ridgerunners Laddies 
Sister Mel
5/17/07                        AMHA/AMHR

If you're into the dilutes, you can't go wrong with Sis.  She's a Gr. Granddaughter of the late great Buckeroo.  She's taller than she looks in this pic, about 34".  If you breed for buckskins, she'll produce them for you!  Open by choice, but breeding sound. 
SOLD  Congratulations to Marie Bartlett on her purchase of Sis and Sugar.

Ridgerunners Ramblin Man
5/23/08              AMHA/AMHR
 If you're looking for some new blood for your appy breeding program, or an addition to your show string, you won't go wrong with this boy!  Dude has the color, conformation, and pedigree to take you to the top.  He's a beautiful sight when he floats around his pasture with his tail in the air!  We're expecting his first foal crop in 2011.  He's out of my fewspot mare, by a blue eyed leopard stallion, so we expect lots of color! 
SOLD  Congratulations to Donna Lorts

Ridgerunners Amazing Grace
6-23-08               AMHA/AMHR

Gracie is a positively gorgeous little 33" appy filly.  She was born black, but evidently has the sooty/smutty gene at work, since she shed out almost brindle.  She has straight legs, a perfect bite, and  head you don't often find on appies!  She's getting snowflakes all over this year.
'Sale Pending' 

Ridgerunners Prom Queen
4/16/04             AMHA/AMHR

Queenie is a stunning silver appaloosa mare, with the most exotic head I've ever seen!  She's developing a very unique snowflake pattern that grabs the attention of appy and non appy breeders alike.  She would make a wonderful addition to any appy breeding program.   She measures right around the 34" mark, give or take 1/2".   Queenie has a very showy refined black filly at her side.  She has partial blue eyes, a snip, and appaloosa mottling.' 
'Sale Pending' 

Howards Chantilly Lace
5-14-96     33"    AMHA/AMHR 

Lacy is one of my most reliable mares!  She settles and foals easily.  She has had all fillies, with one exception!  She a very sweet, easygoing mare.  The one the grandkids sit on, and the one that takes care of the babies at weaning time.  Even though she appears solid, she has appy characteristics, and has had appy foals by non appy stallions. 'Lacy has an adorable black filly at her side.  She has all the appaloosa characteristics, 
so she'll color up like her sisters have. SOLD Congratulations to Cheryl Schifano

Ridgerunners Hope Springs Eternal
5-10-06                      AMHA/AMHR

Hope is a beautiful true black appaloosa mare.  She's heavily roaned, with snowflakes mixed in, except for her head and legs.  And speaking of her head, it's absolutely gorgeous!  A huge plus for an appy! 
She measures about 32". 
Congratulations to Larry and Pam Chitwood

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